The WEEKOFFICE program is the best investment in the development of key people in the company: heads of organizations, team managers, experts and talents.

It provides a direct and real impact on managing the performance of managers, giving them the opportunity to work effectively and take care of their own health as well as physical, mental and business resilience.


As part of the “tailor-made” offer, we provide:


– examining and analyzing the needs of participants,

– comfortable conditions, safety, contact with nature, wellbeing,

– selection of a destination and an appropriate departure schedule – 5 days,

– individual sessions with our specialists: a coach / mentor / HR expert, strength and fitness training instructor and dietitian,

– personalized nutritional plan,

– maximum number of participants – 6 people.


Possible support for participants in their further development after the end of the WEEKOFFICE program.

Our exclusive, individual, outgoing program optimally combines remote, effective work with the personal development of participants. It provides a number of benefits to both participants and companies.


Be a socially responsible company and join our program.


Ask us for an offer especially for your company!