We are offering a stay in a luxury hotel, where for a week we change the environment of your employee and provide him with a unique development program.  


  • We will take care of his working conditions and well-being!    


  • 6 nights at a luxury hotel    
    comfortable working conditions: spacious terraces, conference rooms, high speed internet access. 

  • The consultation about an individual nutritional and training plan and implementation of it during the trip; 


  • Personal training package – functional, calisthenicscrossfitintensive, stretching; 


  • Classes with a professional squash trainer;


  • Training for beginners and advanced in the open air – running, Nordic walking; 


  • A diet plan adapted to your specific health needs 

  • Unlimited access to: swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi and other hotel attractions;


  • SPA treatment package;


  • Transport of participants in both directions;  


    Well-being of your employees during the program is the most important. That is why, we will take care of the best course of each day. We will help them to charge the batteries and return at full speed, including  plans of their daily physical activities and the appropriate diet programs. 

    More information: kontakt@weekoffice.com