We can say that personal development and physical activity are our passion. Our team uniquely combines expert knowledge in the field of people management, the development of personal competences, lifestyle medicine and many years of experience in working with people on various levels, in the business and social environment. We share our knowledge and experience, advise and support.

For many years we have also been dealing with the pro-health side of physical activity and implementing educational projects, combining professional work with charity. We have established the Personal Development Academy foundation, which works to improve the physical and mental condition of local community residents. Responding to the needs of companies and employees, we have created the WEEKOFFICE program.

We are curious to meet everyone with whom we cooperate in our projects.

In the WeekOffice program, we will take care of you with passion and commitment!


Małgorzata Kadyszewska-Kowalska, Program Director


Krzysztof Świejkowski, Project Director