Krzysztof Świejkowski, Project Manager 

I am a traveler and personal trainer specializing in calisthenics, in other words exercises on the body weight. I started from athletics through martial arts to half-marathons and events related to the promotion of various sports. In the meantime, I worked in a bank. It was then that I have noticed that everyday problems make it difficult to take pleasure in physical activity because they are already mentally tiring enough. I thought I was missing a place where I could take a break not only for lunch, but also for something completely different. Within an hour you can have a massage, do strength training or a short bike tour. 

Long journeys were an inspiration to come up with new exercises with charges, because every place on Earth is unique in its own way and its infrastructure can be used for training purposes. 

In 2015, I founded the Foundation for Personal Development Academy – Akademia Rozwoju Personalnego which helps young people and the local communities in physical activities  – everything I do with passion for people and for myself! 


Gabriela Przybylska, Business Development Manager

For over 6 years I have been active in the event industry and I have helped in organizing themed, occasional and company events. I’ve worked with several companies with whom we have created unforgettable events, including  Mercedes-Benz, Multi Fashion, Junkers, Iventos, Denley, etc. The more to organize, the more pleasure and satisfaction I have of achieving the goal.  

I have been cooperating with a trading company for 2 years, where I have helped in negotiating terms of cooperation with suppliers and producers, I am responsible for market analysis and analysis of sales results, and I shape a commercial offer for the brands entrusted to me. 

I have been involved in sport since I was a child.  I played volleyball professionally. What is more, I took part in many swimming competitions and half-marathons, to become a strength training enthusiast. Surely, I can say that I have the soul of an athlete. I like to take challenges and always stubbornly strive for a goal. In my life I follow the motto: ‘if you are afraid to play, do not play’.