WeekOffice supports socially responsible companies in the development of a culture of engagement and wellbeing in the organization.



We offer an Individual Development Program for key people in the company: heads of organizations, experts and talents, in the form of an away program or a stationary program.





Leaders Need Individual Support



In the current time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult economic and social situation, companies must make efforts to ensure the safe operation of their business. But most of all, they have to think about developing and supporting people.


What activities does your company take in this regard?


Now is the right time to implement the WEEKOFFICE development and support program for key people in your organization to respond to these needs.

Week of work


Effective work in an unusual place.
Much more than a business trip.



Our exclusive, individual away program optimally combines remote, effective work with the personal development of the participants and is the best investment and way to take care of your most important people here and now, so that they will take care of your business in these difficult times.

Week of choices


Professional and personal development – work with a development partner.



Individual work on the implementation of development goals and professional challenges, in a natural environment and with the support of an experienced coach / mentor or an external HR consultant, will bring the desired results.

  • of interviewees do not do sports

  • of respondents feel more stress than before the pandemic

  • of the respondents do not have time at work to think conceptually

Source: The Report of „Stresoodporni” HumanPower 2020

week of recovery and wellbeing

Adequate nutrition and optimal physical activity.



Your well-being during the program is very important. You will benefit from your own, individual eating plan, exercise and a large dose of relaxation

week of satisfaction


Work, first of all, work? Yes, but not only that.



Our program in a holistic way ensures a positive change of the environment, thanks to which you will reduce the level of stress, increase your creativity and business resilience.



Familiarize yourself with the offer and decide to join our program.