week of satisfaction

Are your employees tired, ineffectual and demotivated? 
Would you like them to be content, involved and to return to work with fresh, positive energy?

We are offering a stay in an exlusive hotel on Slovincian Coast where whithin one week, we will change the environment of your employee and provide to her/him a special development programm. 
We will take care of working conditions and well-being of your employee and satisfaction will appear! 

  • of interviewees do not do sports

  • of interviewees wake up tired

  • of interviewees enjoy exercises

Source: The Report of “Praca, moc, energia w polskich firmach” Humanpower 2017

week of recovery and wellbeing

Well-being of your worker during the program is crucial. That is why, we will do our best to provide the best tenor of each day of stay. 

We will help your employees recharge their batteries and return to work at full speed by including physical activities and appropriate diets to their daily schedules.  
Before the trip will begin, our dietician and personal trainer will interview your workers and establish proper individual diet as well as training programs.

Week of work

This trip is not only about charging the battery but also taking full advantage of your daily working time. Your employees will work more effectively because they decide on the schedule of the day, using particular program services at the selected time. Hotel facilities will allow them to work remotely in comfortable conditions.

Week of choices

There is a wide range of individual physical activities under the care of a trainer to choose: we are offering, a.o. interval training (tabata), training on your body weight (calisthenics), strength and functional training.Optimal training hours are set directly with the trainer.

In addition, the hotel provides other forms of relaxation, such as massages, saunas, jacuzzi, swimming pool, squash, bowling and billiard. 

Week of Together

Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are our passion. For a dozen or so years we have been involved in sport and we have implemented projects combining professional work and charities. We founded the foundation Akademia Rozwoju Personalnego and activate the local community and youth. 

We are aware  that it is not so easy to achieve a balance between private and professional life and it is difficult to allocate adequate time for work, relaxation and physical activity on a daily basis. Therefore, as part of our program, we are working with people on many levels, comprehensively providing them with the opportunity to develop as well as optimal working and rest conditions. Our main advantage is commitment and individual approach to the client. 

Happy employees are characterized by 31% higher productivity, a 37% higher level of sales transactions initiated by themand 300% higher creativity. 

Source: S. Lubomirsky, L. King, E. Diener “The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?” 2005 [own translation]